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Flatbed Towing:

Many vehicle manufacturers require that car towing service for some makes be provided using a flatbed towing system only. They require this because they suggest that using a wrecker with a wheel lift can cause damage. While it is true that inexperienced tow truck operators can cause damages if they’re not careful, an experienced tow professional knows that most cars can be towed using a wrecker and dolly system. Even though at A.E.R. Towing we are qualified and knowledgeable in the ways of towing your cars and trucks using a wrecker,  we do offer flatbed towing services as well. Including, shed towing, SUV towing, motorcycle towing, and equipment towing.


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Low Clearance Towing

While it is true that some tow truck company employees have difficulties loading and unloading cares that have low clearances, or flat tires, or specialty rims that might have been modified, at A.E.R. Towing we’ve been there and done that and have made adjustments to the way we approach these challenges. This ensures that your vehicle will be treated with the utmost in care and that it will arrive, unharmed and damage free to its destination. Trust that A.E.R. Towing Service will take care of both you and your car. Your best bet when choosing a tow service is to call A.E.R. Towing, give us a call right now.

Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

  • Flatbed Towing

  • Wrecker Towing

  • Equipment Towing

  • Junk Car Towing

  • Police Towing

  • Emergency Towing

  • Accident Recovery

  • Winching Services

  • Lockout Service

  • Flat Tire Change

  • Battery Service

  • Gas Delivery


Vehicle Transport Solutions

Wrecker Towing Service

The great thing about using a tow truck company that incorporates a wrecker into their fleet is that, if your vehicle is locked gear, for whatever reason, and won’t come out of park, rather than dragging your car onto a flatbed tow truck to transport it, we use a wrecker to tow it. If done improperly, dragging a car onto a flatbed tow truck may cause harm to many components of your car. What we do instead is use a wheel lift and dolly system to lift all four of your wheels off the ground. We then tow your vehicle to the intended repair facility and place it on the ground, safe and sound, as opposed to the method of shaking it off, as may be required using a flatbed tow truck.