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The year was 1916 and cars were just starting to become more commonplace. The place was Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It’s where Earnest Holmes owned a garage. After helping a friend with a wrecked Model T, Holmes had an idea.
Maybe roadside assistance was the wave of the future.

Holmes then modified his 1913 Cadillac with poles and a pulley, enabling him to pull cars out of ditches and transport them back to his garage. Two years later he would apply for a patent for the first tow truck. Thus the roadside service industry was born!

In 2019, We’re Taking Roadside Assistance To The Next Level


AER Towing Roadside Assistance Miami

A.E.R. Tow truck Service Miami has the knowledge and expertise to solve all of your roadside assistance needs. If you lock your keys in your car, have a flat tire or any other emergency, give use a call.

We’ll be there to solve the problem-Fast!


AER Towing Miami Roadside Assistance Jump Start

When you have car problems the last thing you want is help from someone who may or may not know how to help you. You can trust A.E.R. Towing Service because we know our way around cars, it’s in our blood.

We are your trusted professionals.


AER Towing Service Roadside Assistance

The solution to your roadside assistance needs can come from any one of our competent competitors, we understand that. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and the courtesy we convey to you, our customers.

We take care of you.

AER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-Change-flat-tire25AER Towing Roadside AssistanceAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-Flat-Tire-Badge25AER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-Unlock-your-car25AER Towing Roadside Assistance Miami

Roadside Solutions For Your Everday Needs

Whether you ran over a nail and need flat tire change service, locked your keys in your car and need an unlock, driven your car until you have no more gas and need fuel delivery, or even have a dead battery and need a jump start, AER is here to help. Our roadside solutions are not cookie cutter like other companies, we provide all of our services with a keen eye on your safety.

We Take Roadside Assistance Very Seriously

When you’re stranded roadside you need the services of a company that only employs competent and caring professionals.

We screen all new tow truck drivers for honesty, patience, problem-solving abilities, and great personalities. Without these qualifications, you can’t get hired at A.E.R. Towing.

We truly care about everyone who works in our company. When you care about the people you work with, as well as their families, they will care about you, the customer.

AER Towing Roadside Assistance MiamiAER Towing Roadside Assistance MiamiAER Towing Roadside Assistance MiamiAER Towing Roadside Assistance MiamiAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-CityAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-CloudskyAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-CloudskyAER Towing Roadside Assistance MiamiAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-right GreenAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-road

Services We Provide

Retrieve Locked Keys

Flat Tire Change

Jump Starts

Fuel Delivery

AER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-BadgeAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-BadgeAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-BadgeAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-BadgeAER Towing Roadside AssistanceAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-Tow-Truck-IconAER-Towing-Miami-Roadside-Assistance-Need-a-Tow-Button