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Cars like the Mercedes Benz E-Class and the Porsche Carerra GT have ground clearances of 3 inches, and 3.4 inches respectively. Which means that great care must be taken when towing these vehicles.  The best way to tow a low ground clearance car is by using a combination of a low center of gravity flatbed, or what is commonly referred to as a car carrier, with a ramping system. When done properly this will avoid any scraping or scratches to the car’s undercarriage, bumpers and other plastic components.

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Although low ground clearance vehicles offer their own appeal and some might say they possess a certain mystique, many have their limitations. Take for example the 2016 McLaren 675LT, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349,000, it’s comfortable to drive, to say the least, but try taking it down a gravel road, or driving in the snow. With just 3.9 inches of ground clearance, you can bet we take every precaution when loading this vehicle onto our flatbed tow truck.

Whether your vehicle was lowered at the manufacturer or you’ve made aftermarket modifications A.E.R Towing provides low profile towing on all makes and models. Avoid damage when you need your lowered car, truck, or van towed by calling us. Whether you need a tow to the repair shop, a new hobby car towed to your workshop, or a tow to the car show, we can help.


Of course, we know why you like your low profile vehicles Miami. You like them because they look cool. But did you know that there really are certain advantages behind having a vehicle with low ground clearance? Basically, ground clearance is the distance from the lowermost part of the vehicle and the ground. When taking turns at high rates of speed, having a low ground clearance is beneficial because your vehicle has a lower center of gravity.  With low profile vehicles your less likely to roll over.


Some vehicles are equipped with an air-ride system that enables the driver to adjust the ride-height depending on the road conditions and the needs at the time. When performing low profile towing on a vehicle equipped with an air-ride system we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some low ground clearance vehicle manufacturers suggest disabling the air-ride system while others suggest that it be enabled during the tow. This is up to the preference of the tow company you choose and how the tow truck operator tows the vehicle unless you specify how you would like it towed.

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