Flat Tire Change Miami

We all love and need our vehicles to get around but up-keep takes time out of our daily routines. Brakes, shocks, oil changes and let’s not forget our tires. But sometimes, no matter how much up-keep we’ve done running into that curb occasionally or a nail in the road takes a toll on your tires.  Worst of all, you could have a blow-out while driving. Or, your tire could simply go flat without warning in the garage. The scenarios are endless by which your tires may need to be replaced. No need to let it ruin your day, A.E.R towing is here to help you. With our roadside solutions team, we can change your tire and get you rolling down the road again.

With one call to A.E.R Towing & Recovery, we’ll arrive quickly to help you with your flat tire. If you don’t have a good spare we can tow your vehicle to your tire shop, or we can even recommend some of the best shops in Miami. We will provide you with friendly service and make that flat tire nuisance a thing of the past.

Needing help with a roadside situation? A.E.R Towing and Recovery is here to help with all your roadside needs. We have many specialties including changing flat tires, unlocking your car, jump starting your car, and fuel delivery as well. We are your towing service in Miami, Florida.


Flat Tire Change Service 

If you find yourself with a flat tire while driving and you’ve never had this problem before be sure to pull to the right side of the road as far over as you can on a flat area. Turn your flashers on to let other motorists know your car is disabled. This is done for your safety as well as the safety of motorists driving by. Please be patient and wait inside your vehicle until our roadside assistance professional arrives.

Doing your own flat tire change

At A.E.R Towing and Recovery we know quite a bit about changing tires, and we’re here to help you with all your roadside assistance needs. To that end, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you with your tire change, should you choose to change your own tire.

1. Slowly drive your car to a safe location.

When traveling the highways and streets of Miami and you have a flat tire while driving, you’ll want to be careful how you react. A tire that deflates quickly can be quite a disturbing experience. It can even pop and scare the heck out of you. When you need flat tire repair while driving, you could inadvertently cause an accident if you overreact and counter steer. When you feel the car pull hard to one side, you might feel the urge to pull back even harder in the other direction. This is a bad idea because you could steer right into another car.  So, don’t overreact and hold the steering wheel tight and safely drive out of the way of oncoming traffic. Don’t worry about damaging your tire further, your safety should be your first concern.

2. Turn on your traffic hazards.

Once you have stopped the vehicle, turn on your traffic hazard lights. Also, some vehicles have orange safety triangles incorporated with their tire changing equipment. If your car has these get them out, and put them behind your vehicle. You’ll want to take caution when walking around your vehicle if you are on a busy highway. Many times, passing motorists will move over but, don’t take any unnecessary chances in this situation. Someone may be inattentive or texting, which may cause them to drift off the road and onto the shoulder.

3. Apply your parking brake.

If working properly, your parking brake will secure the vehicle so that it doesn’t roll off the jack. But, don’t trust the parking brake explicitly.  You should always be careful when your vehicle is up on a jack.

4. Locate your jack, spare tire, and the tire changing tools provided by your vehicle manufacturer.

Depending on the make of your vehicle, many times, the flat tire change tools are housed in the trunk under a flap. If your spare and tire changing tools are not easily found, check your car’s manual for the location. Also, sometimes you will find the key to your locking lug nuts in the glove compartment.

5. Loosening the lug nuts.

You will want to loosen those lug nuts before you jack up the car to prevent the vehicle from falling off the jack.  Your car may be equipped with locking lug nuts to deter theft, you’ll need to locate the key to get the wheel off. Check the owners many if you’re not sure where the key is located.

6.  Jack up your car.

Once you have all your tools and you have loosened the lug nuts, jack up your car. Follow the instructions in the owners manual on where to place the jack on the undercarriage. This is important to prevent damage to your vehicle and for your own safety.

7. Remove the flat tire.

When you have the car jacked up high enough remove the lug nuts and flat tire. One important note, wearing a pair of gloves will prevent you from cutting yourself on the steel belting of the tire, should you experience a blowout.

8. Put on your spare.

Finally, you’re ready to put on the spare tire and replace the lug nuts. A good way to tighten those lug nuts would be in a criss-cross pattern. This will ensure they are sufficiently tightened. Once you have tightened the lug nuts, slowly lower the jack.


  • A JACK
  • A WHEEL LOCK ( depending on the make and model)

Roadside Solutions For Flat Tire Change Needs

If, for some reason, you can’t perform your own tire change and you meed your vehicle towed to a repair shop you can call A.E.R Towing and Recovery. If your spare may be low on air, we can even bring some out to you. Also, if for some reason, you don’t have all the equipment needed to complete your tire change, don’t worry our tow truck operators have changed many times and will be happy to help. We know how wide and varied different vehicles can be when it comes to changing a tire. Remember, we are just a phone call away and can be there quickly to get you rolling again.