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One moment you’re flying down the highway enjoying your favorite song on the radio, then pow! You hit an obstruction in the road and now your careening down an embankment. The good news is you’re uninjured, the bad news is your car is stuck in the trees and mud. And, it cannot move forward or backward. What do you do?

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Why choose A.E.R. Towing when you experience a motor vehicle accident? 

Because when you need accident towing in Miami, Florida you can count on A.E.R. Towing to do the job right. We are the number one choice for any type of automobile emergency transport issue you might encounter. Our tow truck operators are equipped with the knowledge and experience to execute any accident recovery procedures they come across.

Day or Night, Always ask for A.E.R. Towing Service, whether it’s for accident towing, regular towing, or any other emergency type towing needs.





He may look innocuous weighing in at a mere 8 pounds, but he’s a powerhouse when it comes to freeing your vehicle from precarious situations.

What’s a snatch block for? I’m glad you asked.

When encountering a vehicle in need of what’s commonly referred to as accident recovery, there may be reasons why a straight pull will not work.  There may be obstructions that prevent a straight pull.  Traffic may be the hindrance, or there may be other conditions that might require us to change the direction of the pull. That’s where this little guy comes in. Not unlike banking a pool ball off the rail to make the shot, a snatch block allows us to move your vehicle into a better position, making the resulting accident recovery seem effortless.

When it comes to recovery services, accident recovery, emergency services, and more you can always trust that A.E.R. Towing has a whole lot of tools at our disposal. We do this so that we get the job done right the first time. And, as everyone knows a job done right the first time saves time, saves money, and costs you less in the long run. Choose the best towing company in Miami Choose A.E.R. Towing Service in Miami, Florida. Call us for all your towing related needs.