Car Towing Service Miami

When it comes to towing a car that cannot move on its own power you don’t have to go it alone. Having car breakdown problems can be a trying experience, but sometimes we make car towing service harder than it has to be. At A.E.R. Towing, we suggest that you not call your dad and ask him to bring the pickup and a tow rope. Dragging your car or truck through the streets of Miami-Dade County is not something you’ll want to do. No, what we think you should do is pick up the phone and call us.

When you call A.E.R. Towing & Recovery, we’ll arrive in a matter of minutes and quickly give you the support you need. We take car and truck towing seriously. We’ll tow your vehicle home or to your mechanic, whatever is required. But, if you don’t have a mechanic that you frequent, we can make some suggestions. We have relationships all over town and will point you in the direction of some of the best automotive repair shops in Miami. We promise to take care of you and your car and provide you with someone pleasant to work with. At A.E.R. Towing we make car problems and vehicle breakdowns a thing of the past.

Tomorrow isn’t just another day, it’s a day that you might look back and see that you made a bad choice of towing company. Choosing correctly when it comes to having your vehicle towed is a big deal. But knowing who can tow your car without damage can be difficult. Call A.E.R. Towing & Recovery for all your towing and roadside assistance needs. We promise to provide more than just care-free, damage-free service.


Vintage Car Towing Service Specialists

If you drive a “honey-of-a-car” you can’t trust just anyone to care for it when it needs to be towed to the shop for work. When you call us to tow your 1965 Shelby Mustang or 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire, or any other beast of a car, you relax knowing that we will treat your baby with kid’s gloves, and leave it in as good a condition as we found it.

You know, when it comes to towing your vintage or classic cars, we prefer to only use our flatbed towing systems. When you see these trucks in action you’ll be amazed. For vintage vehicles, we only use soft straps and only allow our most seasoned, experienced tow truck professionals to care for your car. We promise to pay attention to the finest of details. From pick to delivery your car will remain as polished and untouched as before we arrived. If you need towing service Kendall Florida for your exotic vehicles give us a call.

A.E.R’s Car Towing Service Prices

We offer a wide range of towing and roadside assistance services to the residents and tourists traveling throughout the Miami area. But, unlike many of our competitors, towing services don’t need to be expensive. As far as pricing our services, you can trust that we are well within your price range. We do not gouge our customers, we only provide the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services at the most reasonable rates around.

Accident Towing & Recovery Services

Did you know that traveling in an automobile is one of the most dangerous modes of transport? Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions happen every day in Miami-Dade County, and the reality is, motor vehicle accident recovery isn’t something that just anyone can do.

The truth is not everyone who drives a tow truck can operate it properly or has the ability to recover a wrecked vehicle. Fortunately for you, extricating a vehicle from a stand of trees, or from 12 inches of sand is one of our specialties. When you dial 911 and ask them to send A.E.R. Towing to the scene, we will get there in no time and get you the service you need. Our experienced tow truck operators will bring everything necessary to get your car free and help you determine your next step. We care about more than just your car, we care about you and your family as well.

Car Winching Services

Not all motor vehicle slide-offs are the same. Sometimes a simple push can get you back on the road, but at other times a little more muscle is required. Rain on hot, sticky roadways can create Ice-Like conditions, causing your vehicle to react uncannily. Without a moment’s notice, you can end up in the ditch needing car towing service.

When you do find yourself in a situation where your vehicle is off the road and a simple push won’t do the trick, you need winching service. One call to A.E.R. Towing & Recovery and we’ll be on our way to help. Our car winching service includes attaching a wire rope to a secure location on your vehicle and simply pulling you out. We offer more roadside assistance than you would expect. Don’t stay stuck, call us.

When asked what our specialties are, we can go on and on. Don’t get us started. As far as car towing service and roadside assistance solutions for Miami, Florida goes, we offer tire changes, lockout service, battery jump starts, and fuel delivery. Never again must you be stranded without a generous hand on the way to help. Now you know about A.E.R. Towing

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